Sat Nav


You can never lose your way again with these extraordinary satellite navigation devices. The popularity of sat nav is increasing with every passing day. An integrated unit can be installed in form of double din screens.
This unit comes with various entertainment options and is best to provide navigational solutions. However if you are the one who frequently changes his car then portable units sound great for you.

Parking sensor


Do you ever find it difficult to manoeuvre your car into parking spaces? We suggest parking sensors and reverse cameras are the best option for you. These help provide extra guidance and save you from facing embarrassing collisions and bumps.

In Car Stereo


We all love listening to the music whether it’s the blues, classical composition, sensational jazz music or modern hip hop. Car stereos are definitely the best way to entertain you, whether you are driving to work or a road trip. To cater your needs, Ice Tec offers a wide and exclusive range of latest Ice Tec Sat Navs, in car stereos and an array of accessories. For details, visit our Online Store. (Please put a link here, so that when the reader clicks the window to our online store appears).

Understanding SAT NAV Features


Whether you know how to use a map or not, the use of SAT NAV has enabled users to navigate to their destinations with ease. In order to decide, which SAT NAV to purchase, it is best to get familiar with its features.

The Traffic Function
This feature is most suitable for you if you travel during rush hour or if you frequently travel to places where you are unsure of the traffic. This feature will also inform you if there are any delays on your chosen route such as accidents, breakdown, and road work’s and will automatically direct you to an alternative route. This function will direct you through traffic free route and save you from a lot of hassle and delays.

Point of Interest
This feature shows the locations of all important points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, cash points, parking, ATM and other local services you may need. This feature is most helpful in the event of an emergency or if you are on long road trip to a place you have never been before.

Safety Cameras
This function displays locations of all the traffic cameras in your travel route. Also, it alerts you if you are driving close to or over the prescribed speed limit.

There is a wide and exclusive range of SAT NAVS available with various features at competitive prices. Browse through our online store to find the most suitable SAT NAV for your vehicle.